Our constant evolution towards safer, more comfortable and durable products has led us to incorporate materials into safety footwear manufacturing that, until now, had been used for other applications. This is how we developed AEROCELL, an exclusive textile material specially designed for uppers. Made up of highly resistant, synthetic fibers, its peculiar fabric consists of cells that create a structure similar to a honeycomb, which endows it with greatly valued characteristics, such as unbeatable flexibility, very low weight, high durability and super high ventilation. It provides unparalleled comfort, especially for long days.



The development of high-tech materials and processes has made AIRCORE possible. A three-layer inner lining with an air chamber, it does not have the synthetic foam (foam rubber) support of basic inner linings, nor the non-woven layer of less basic linings. It consists of two outer textile layers and a layer of cross, synthetic fibers making up a center (core) that binds them together. What makes this structure special is that it creates a 2.5-mm-thick air chamber in between that covers the whole inner section of the footwear. This allows the natural movement of the foot to create micro-currents of air, favoring evaporation more than any other technology. At the same time, it creates a padding effect that provides extraordinary comfort and excellent heat and cold insulation. Combined with our exclusive MICROTEC-PRO treatment, it is a wonderful way of preserving foot health, particularly during long and hectic work days.


TECHNOLOGY Aluminium Toe Cap

One of the most frequent safety footwear user requirements is that they be as lightweight as possible. This is because today people carry out numerous activities before and after work, and many times they wear the same footwear from the early hours of the morning to late at night. In order to comply with this requirement, some FUNCIONAL products incorporate aluminum-alloy safety toe caps. These toe caps are approximately 50% lighter than traditional steel toe caps and are more comfortable—a very significant benefit. Moreover, FUNCIONAL aluminum-alloy toe caps are more impact and crush resistant than steel toe caps, which makes them safer.


TECHNOLOGY Antitorsion insert

The injuries resulting from twisting your foot may vary in severity, and could force you to take quite some time off. That is why we have developed an exclusive system to control stability based on an extremely high-density, semi-rigid, TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) insert placed in the central part of the sole of the footwear, which prevents unwanted twisting and sprains. Simultaneously, it protects the arch of the foot (one of the most sensitive areas) from injuries caused by stepping on sharp objects. It provides safety and protection when walking, particularly on uneven surfaces.


Many people carry out work in which they are exposed to frequent splashing or long-term contact with fluids of different kinds. In demanding conditions such as these, it is extremely advisable to use products that keep moisture out for as long as possible. AQUATEX is a technical, waterproof/breathable, fluoropolymer membrane that is placed between the inner lining and the outer materials of the footwear. Its main function is to prevent water or other fluids from the outside from getting into the footwear while, at the same time, allowing sweat to evaporate and be released to the exterior. It is only a few microns thick, and very flexible, so that it is 100% imperceptible. Also, it is hypoallergenic and has excellent polyvalent chemical resistance. As a result, even though the footwear may be wet on the outside, it will remain dry on the inside, which has a positive impact on the level of comfort as well as on foot heath.



One of the most frequent types of accident related to footwear is slipping, whether involving the first part of the step (landing on the heel) or the second one (landing on the front of the foot), when the entire weight of the body shifts toward that spot in preparation for the next step. The DCP (Double Critical Point) System consists of two high-density, TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) supplementary inserts placed in the sole of the footwear, which improves abrasion resistance and increases the grip considerably at these two critical foot landing points. It significantly lowers the chance of slipping, providing safety and preventing accidents.



DRYMAX is a type of inner lining made up of two layers: a soft, woven layer of textile fabric in contact with the skin and a non-woven support layer, which binds it to the outer materials of the footwear´s upper.
The contact layer is highly resistant to abrasion, which makes it very durable. The support layer evenly distributes sweat to generate a larger evaporation surface, therefore accelerating the process.
It keeps the foot dry, comfortable and healthy, lowering the development of microorganism colonies.



The constant demand for increasingly technical, more comfortable and durable products has led us to use materials in our footwear that were formerly circumscribed to highly specialized applications. DURATEX is a closed stitch, technical textile material composed of high-density, polyamide fibers. Its low weight and high flex, tear and temperature resistance (it is also anti-spark, although this is not a recommended use), makes it perfect for high-performance footwear, both for civilian and military applications. It makes the product durable, comfortable and safe.



Inner linings are generally given little consideration when buying footwear. However, they are essential when it comes to comfort. Since they are the first point of contact between the foot and the footwear, they must be touch-friendly and keep the foot as dry as possible. FOAMFREE is a next-generation, polyester-foam-free (no foam rubber), inner-lining concept. These inner linings are made up of two or more layers of synthetic textile materials which increase the evaporation rate of sweat and, together with our MICROTEC-PRO treatment, create the perfect solution to minimize the development of bacterial and fungi colonies, keeping the foot healthy and providing comfort every step of the way. This technology applies to all FUNCIONAL products.


TECHNOLOGY Waterproof by Gore-Tex®

Bootie es un sistema innovador desarrollado con tecnología GORE-TEX® que compone una suave membrana completamente sellada situada en el interior del calzado para impedir el paso de las gotas de agua desde el exterior hacia adentro. Esta capa protectora GORE-TEX® está formada por más de 1.400 millones de poros microscópicos por centímetro cuadrado que, además de hacerla impermeable, permite el paso del vapor que genera el pie de adentro hacia afuera para lograr una mejor transpirabilidad y mantener los pies secos durante toda la jornada. También, la membrana cuenta con una sustancia oleofóbica que evita la penetración de aceites corporales y repelentes de insectos.



Basic footwear outsoles are frequently made of just one type of material. High-quality footwear outsoles are pretty commonly made of two types of polyurethane with different densities (dual density). FUNCIONAL´S IPD technology takes things one step further. Based on an innovative, same-material, multiple-and-variable density concept, density increases progressively from the back of the footwear to the front. This makes for an extremely comfortable product, due to optimum cushioning in the heel area (highest impact section) and unbeatable stability in the front, where the weight of the body is placed to take the next step. Over 95% of users have indicated that their comfort expectations have been met, enabling them to carry out activities in a more efficient, higher-performing manner, particularly during long work days.



The variety and demands of work and private-life activities today are such that safety footwear users are constantly asking us for products to be more comfortable and stylish as well as safe. MICROCELL is a textile material that we have developed specially for safety sneaker uppers and which meets each one of the above-stated requirements. Composed of high-resistance, synthetic fibers, its special, semi-closed-stitch fabric makes it incredibly stylish, low weight and flexible, as well as durable and extremely well ventilated, all of these being greatly valued characteristics. It provides unbeatable comfort for every type of activity, particularly for long work days.



Skin pathologies, in particular mycosis, are one of the most common types of foot health issues. We are all aware of their unwanted effects. MICROTEC-PRO is an antimicrobial and bacteriostatic treatment applied to insoles and inner fabrics. It limits the transfer and proliferation of microorganism colonies within footwear, therefore preventing or lowering the chance of reinfection and bad smells. It creates a sense of wellbeing, preserving the health and providing safety. (*) It has no therapeutic effect on pre-existing injuries. In such a case, we recommend that you see a physician, who will prescribe the specific treatment that is most appropriate for your pathology.



It is frequently necessary to carry out activities on very aggressive terrain or in places with objects that may penetrate the outsole of the footwear, which poses a safety risk (thorns, pieces of glass, nails, shavings, sharp rocks, etc.) OMNIGUARD watches your step, protecting you from every type of sharp, cutting object. It is an outsole reinforcement system consisting of a fixed, non-metal, internal insole made of multiple layers of high-endurance, synthetic, textile fibers which incorporate ceramic particles through plasma treatment. This system provides a level of puncture resistance that greatly exceeds the requirements of national and international standards for this specific risk (IRAM 3610, EN 20345, ASTM F-2413). Unlike the traditional, metal-insole safety system, OMNIGUARD insoles cover 100% of the step surface, are extremely flexible and lightweight, dielectric and, moreover, they are very resistant to high and low temperatures, offering excellent thermal insulation. What is more, under extreme circumstances, metal insoles may get punctured and, once that happens, they lose all of their properties, the sharp object going through unchecked. OMNIGUARD insoles, however, due to their multiple-layer system and to the abrasive action of its ceramic particles, will check the object even in extreme situations, providing a safety bonus for the user. The aforementioned properties enable all footwear having OMNIGUARD technology to maintain its original comfort and ergonomic characteristics and features, while affording the user an unbeatable level of protection from every type of puncture risk, even in extreme conditions.



Some of the riskiest jobs are those carried out in very low visibility conditions, be it because it is nighttime, due to particular environmental conditions (smoke, dust, etc.), or to the characteristics of a site (underground location, places with no light inlets, etc.) A few seconds of low visibility can trigger serious accidents. REFLEMAX is system developed by FUNCIONAL that incorporates different types of reflective material of the highest quality (3M). Products manufactured under this system efficiently contribute to accident prevention, avoiding serious consequences from a human, economic and legal standpoint.


TECHNOLOGY Shock Absorber

One of the most influential factors in walking comfort is the cushioning in the heel zone. SHOCK ABSORBER is an efficient impact absorption system developed by the FUNCIONAL I + D division. Its effectiveness it's based in a fluted oval vault of programmed deformation that relocates the heel charge to 4 specific supporting points uniformly distributing it and relieving tension. It gives an optimal walking comfort and protects the foot zone against impacts.



Many accidents result from slipping, particularly instances involving the first part of the step (landing on the heel). The TPU Back Insert System consists of a high-density, TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) insert which, when placed in the shock absorber area, considerably improves abrasion resistance and increases the grip at this critical foot landing point. It significantly lowers the chance of slipping, providing safety and preventing accidents.



Suela de última generación inspirada en el neumático LTX Force de Michelin, diseñado para el campeonato mundial de Rally. Combina las prestaciones del caucho con una tracción inigualable tanto outdoor como indoor y una adherencia excepcional en todo tipo de terrenos. Al igual que el neumático, la suela posee tecnología Compact Tread que garantiza mayor durabilidad y mejor tracción a través de un diseño de esculturas de la suela que aumenta el contacto con la superficie, maximizando el grip, principalmente sobre terrenos mojados.



Elastopan® (PU) es un material de alto rendimiento de BASF, un 40% más liviano que los sistemas de PU convencionales. Se trata de un poliuretano de baja densidad que posee alta flexibilidad y propiedades ergonómicas. Aplicado en la entresuela, combina comodidad y rendimiento lo que se traduce en confort en cada paso. Además, es resistente a la abrasión y a los hidrocarburos, lo que lo convierte en un material con alta durabilidad.



El sistema Slip Prevention in Wet Areas (SPW) es el resultado del diseño preciso de canales de la suela que acompañan el movimiento del pie, permitiendo un mejor drenaje del agua para evitar resbalamientos. Estos canales de la suela están diseñados de forma tal que el agua, al ingresar, sea direccionada hacia el exterior. Para lograr incluso un mejor desempeño en terrenos mojados, se diseñaron ribs horizontales de frenado en zona delantera y trasera.



El sistema multilayer de la Línea Funciona Michelin combina las mejores tecnologías en una suela única, dando como resultado un rendimiento versátil en diferentes superficies. En la tercera capa, la que se encuentra en contacto con el pie, la tecnología AIR COMPACT brinda ligereza y estabilidad, contribuyendo a la amortiguación de la pisada.



El sistema DRYZONE permite una rápida evaporación de la humedad manteniendo la temperatura natural del pie durante largas jornadas de trabajo en climas adversos. Esto se logra mediante la combinación de un cuero repelente al agua en el exterior y un textil hidrofílico en el interior que absorbe la humedad por capilaridad, favoreciendo la evaporación.



Sistema de diseño exclusivo ubicado en la zona del talón que permite controlar la estabilidad, contribuyendo a prevenir torsiones indeseadas y esguinces. Otorga máxima estabilidad sobre terrenos irregulares.



Textil de fibras sintéticas de alta tenacidad, resistente a la abrasión e hidrorrepelente. CORDURA® es la combinación perfecta de durabilidad, versatilidad y comodidad. Un tejido de alto rendimiento, diseñado para ser utilizado en las condiciones más exigentes sin sacrificar confort.



Matrix Grip by Astico® brinda una protección extra en las zonas de mayor desgaste como la puntera y el talón. Un cuero con recubrimiento de poliuretano de diseño exclusivo que garantiza una resistencia superior a la abrasión, la corrosión, el agua y la flexión.



Tecnología conformada por una plantilla de celda abierta 100% respirable. Su novedoso diseño proporciona una óptima absorción del impacto, mayor estabilidad en la pisada, alto confort y reducción de la fatiga en cada paso. Plantilla de poliuretano de celda abierta, 100% respirable y antifatiga. Diseño ergonómico, alto confort y amortiguación de la presión del impacto al caminar.